Easter Aprons for Little Girls

“What will I do when my little granddaughters

grow up and don’t want to wear little aprons?

That will be a very sad day.”


Today’s quilt shops are among my favorite places on earth. The patterns and prints are endless and the quality of the fabric is wonderful. I remember having an Easter dress made from bunny fabric when I was a little child. Today, the choices for nostalgic and vintage fabric are endless. The fabric came from The Quilt Cottage in American Fork and the crocheted trim from Broadbent’s in Lehi. One third of a yard, gathered along the top makes a perfect apron for a little girl who is 3-7. Since I always have bits and pieces of fabric in my drawers, I found a little blue gingham which looked perfect as a waistband with the blue around the bunny rabbits. I like to use wide ribbon for the ties. I added the trim under the waistband and along the hem and had about eight inches left. I made a little flower out of that eight inches and attached it from behind with a safety pin. That way it can be removed when the apron is washed.

The second apron was covered with BIG bunnies. I added a trim along the waistband and the bottom and made a little flower out of what was left.

When all of these little children are grown, I will miss their eager eyes and their grateful hands. I will miss their excitement over little things and it will be fun to remember the things I have made for them and the pleasure it brought to me.

“Time passes quickly. Put your foot out and see if you can slow it down.”


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