Easter Garland from Paper Scraps

This was an easy-easy Easter Garland to make because I used my Silhouette Cutting Machine.  It helped me to make the connected rabbits, chicks and duckies. I cut the leaves by hand.  These were my supplies:

  • card stock paper scraps
  • white floral wire
  • beads
  • ink pad for distressing
  • glue dots
  • itsy hole punch

I would recommend pre-cutting the wire to the desired length first.  Then, work from the middle outwards. I used glue dots to hold things in place.  Bead to flower – flower to leaf – leaf to wire.  In the case of the little animals, I tucked a glue dot behind the each hole to hold them against the wire without sliding around after I had them where I wanted them.  As I added each element to the wire, I worked my way to the end without disturbing anything already in place.

When everything was assembled and safely on the floral wire, I GENTLY sprayed everything with a light layer of glitter spray.

Happy Easter !

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