Eclectic Keepsake Journal

“Writing is a way of talking without being  interrupted.”

-Jules Renard-

journal entry:

My diary was so little.  It was only about 5 inches by 6 inches.  It had a tiny lock with a key which could easily have been opened just by blowing on it.  The pages were plain and the paper was lined.  When brand new, every girl vowed that she would make an entry every day.  Few did.  I have no idea what happened to it.  I imagine that when I grew up I thought that it was silly.  Maybe I wrote silly things.  Probably.

This is my granddaughter’s journal.  She may have other journals but I wanted to make one that was unique . . . just like her. I gathered odds and ends.  I measured and punched and edged with lamination to keep the pages strong.  I mixed colors and shapes and textures.  Every few pages I added her face.  Her face with something else to make a point.  A point about who she was.

Every page is different.  Each has room to write and to glue photographs.  Some pages have envelopes to tuck things into.  There are practical pages and impractical pages.  There are tags and folders and words and lines and pages which are stamped and some which are punched.  There is strong paper and see-through paper.

I would not say that it is particularly sturdy, but who wants sturdy?  Sturdy is for hiking boots.  These pages are delicate and ready for words and thoughts and dreams and hopes and questions.  One can write on them frontwards or backwards or upside-down.

The journals of young granddaughters are for memories, sorrows, joys, questions, confusion, gratitude, fashion, poetry, friends, food, clothes, jewelry, dogs and cats.  If the journal is eclectic to begin with, it may be easier to just write anywhere, in any direction and with any color of ink.  Photographs can be held with tape or paper clips.  They can be tied onto the page through a punched hole.  Anything goes.

No, I didn’t run to the store for the supplies for this journal.  I went through everything in my creative space until I had found a blend of colors, textures and styles.  Then I just started putting it together.  At first, I was going to bind it.  Then I thought that if I used big rings, pages could be added and subtracted.   Of course a journal is private.  I put this one in a square box.  12×12.  That should keep it safe from curious eyes and I don’t mean the dog.

“A story should have a beginning, a middle and an ending . . . but not necessarily in that order.”

-Jean Lu Godard-

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