Fashionista Memory Game

Oh the fun I had finding the Fashionistas for this Memory/Matching Game.  It has been suggested that to grow old gracefully in today’s enlightened world you have to throw all convention and good taste to the wind and layer it on. While I don’t ascribe to that point of view for myself, I love seeing the attitudes of others when they do.

This year for Christmas I made a few Fashionista Memory Games for some friends who might be losing their memories any time soon or have already started the process. The least that can happen is that this game will help to ward off the winter blues and provide clothing ideas for the over-70 crowd.

If none of the above – it was fun for me.

Taking a broad view, Fashionistas have a lot of free time and access to great thrift stores. There is no other way to find all of the mismatched and out-of-style outfits that these models of the over 70 crowd come up with.

I made four sets.

Each set has a different cover top to the card with the word “remember” on it. On the other sides are the pictures of dyed-in-the-wool Fashionistas. Above are a few examples of the fronts and the backs of a couple of the sets.

Each set has at least 25 matching cards.

You may be thinking that this game will be a cinch and that you will pile up your matches in nothing flat. Hmmmmm.  We’ll see. You will be surprised how hard it is to remember what you have seen when they are all so abnormal and unconventional.

Yes, there is an expense to making such games. So, what else is new? I am keeping one for myself, which I intend to invite Grandpa to play with me when I start to lose my memory.  That might just depend on my ability to remember where I put it.

I typed up some instructions although the game is played like every other memory game. I hope that Rachelle doesn’t mind if I use her as an example. She is an exception to the over-70 rule but I think that she and her daughter Em will laugh and play the game together. I wrapped the cards in rubber bands and popped them into cellophane bags, tied with a bow.  Because the cards are laminated they can be wiped off. I will tell you right now that I buy the lamination pockets from Amazon and they are CHEAP. $10 for a little box of 100.  ( Much cheaper than Wal-Mart)

Isn’t this lady a kick?

She is having too much fun. I could never in a million years figure out how to put that much make-up on my face. I have never been good at making make-up stay in place for more than a few minutes. All of these women are marathoners.

If I decided to be an “extreme fashionista” I would need a “fashionista husband” and I don’t have one, (thankfully).

Can you imagine Grandpa and I walking around like this and expecting to to be taken seriously?

I do know how to thrift strange clothes and very nice clothes and have done it for years for my annual family gathering dress-up photo booth. But, wear the clothes around in public?


It is a fun but often bewildering world.

Every day it provides another shock or surprise.

I think I will just stick with our Christmas Card for 2019.

It feels blessedly ordinary.

Well, maybe.

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