Through Grandma’s Eyes: Ask Grandpa

“The best place to be when you have a question

is with a Grandpa.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

I say “ask your Grandpa” as much as I said “ask your Dad”.  I am not sure that Grandpas know a lot more than Grandmas but they seem to know quite a bit about different things.  They know about insects and tools and rocks and airplanes and how to make things and things like that.  I thought when I took this picture from far away, that Grandpa was answering a tough question about angels, or cemeteries or something like that.  I loved the two red hats together . . . a hat that Talmage had given to his Grandpa just that morning.  Turns out that Talmage had found a wasp nest in the folds of the angels clothes.  He was pointing it out to Grandpa.  So much for my deeper thoughts !  But, there was a question at the end.  “Grandpa, why did the wasps build a nest in there?”  I would have said that I didn’t know.  But, Grandpa gave Talmage an answer but I didn’t listen to it.  It would have made me smile !

Holden had some questions too.  They were questions about people in the ground and about what they look like.  Questions about all of the gravestones.  All questions received an answer. . . which was promptly followed by another “why?”  Grandpa just kept answering until each boy was satisfied.  Grandma stood far off and guessed at the conversation even though it couldn’t be heard.  The camera helped to tell the story of a visit to the cemetery and a lesson about Memorial Day.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated

but the answers are simple.”

-Dr. Suess-

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