Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Cemetery

“Keep your fears to yourself

but share your courage with others.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

journal entry:

Teaching children about Memorial Day is important.  It is important to know about our country and our freedoms.  It is important to know about wars and sacrifice while praying that these things will stay far from us.  It was time to take care of graves.  Today we went to see Samuel Pancake.  He had a funny name and a long and successful life.  Today, two of his great, great, great grandsons would visit him and clean up his resting place.  His small and flat marker was not as exciting as many which surrounded it.  His descendants cut and trimmed and swept his grave marker.  Then they did the same for other members of his family who surrounded him.  When all was done, we explored.  There, built into the hill like a hobbit house were two large, beautiful, scary doors.  We explained what was in there but it was hard for children to understand.  I stood far back while they tried to look in the windows of each set of doors.  Then Talmage knocked.  I wonder what he thought would happen?  Thank you telephoto lens.  This photograph tells a wonderful story and joined with many others from this day became a story I wrote for these little boys about Dooley the Giant who lived in the cemetery.

” I want a busy life, a just mind and a timely death.”

-Zora Neale Hurston-

” Papa, potatoes, poultry, prunes, prism,

are all very good words for the lips.”

-Charles Dickens-

“A boy is not idle

because he is absorbed in thought.

There is visible labor and invisible labor.”

-Victor Hugo-

“The most beautiful thing we can experience

is the mysterious.

It is the source of all true art and science.”

-Albert Einstein-

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