Grandpa’s Paper Mache’

“Sometimes I imagined as many as six impossible things

before breakfast.”

-Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland-

journal entry:

When our children were little, Grandpa, then Dad, made a “paper mache”.  Little hands could drive little cars and play with little animals and fly little helicopters and airplanes on little roads, through little tunnels and over slightly bigger mountains.  I really can’t remember, but I imagine that it wasn’t long before the paper mache of the past was smashed and broken from use and went the way of the garbage can.  But now, little boys of a new generation had come along.  Grandpa thought they needed to know about things like that.  So, they made one together.

To the garage.  Then, the hunt for supplies.  A board to build on. Newspaper.  Chicken wire.  A box for the inside of the mountain.  A big bowl.  Flour and water for the paste.  Big shirts for getting messy.  I was proud of Grandpa for letting the children do things themselves.  That is often hard when you are a grown-up.  But they needed to learn.  The project gave him a chance to talk about “things” in general and to explain how and why he did things.  It was hard to wait for it to dry.  The painting part was really fun.  All you have to do is look at the road to know that Grandpa let the children paint it.  When it was finished, Holden said that the road was wrong.  Grandpa asked why it was wrong.  Because it doesn’t go the right places.  Oh.  Well, then, paint it in the right places.  So he did. It came out in places Grandpa hadn’t even thought of.

“There are no rules of architecture

for a castle in the clouds.”

-K. Chesterton-

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