Have You Ever Seen a Giraffe’s Tongue?

“Whatever is in the heart will come up to the tongue.”


journal entry:

I love the Phoenix Zoo.  Everything seems to be in a natural state . . . except this “ham”.  She is a character who loves to have her picture taken.  I thought she actually smiled a time or two.  Did you know that a full grown giraffe’s neck can weigh 500 pounds ? Sure wouldn’t want her to swat me with it.   She has a big heart.  Did you know that it weighs about 25 pounds?  Bet you didn’t.  I didn’t either, actually.  I try to be careful about taking photographs of “things” rather than people.  In this case, this cutie pie, interacting with Keeley was irresistible.   She just rolled that old tongue out for her giraffe food and wasn’t a bit shy.  I wonder how Noah made a place for this one . . . and her friend ?

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