Can You Match the Animals?

“From there to here, and here to there,

funny things are everywhere!”

-Dr. Suess-
journal entry:

I was tired of chicken, duck, horse, cow and dog.  I thought that if I was tired of them . . . little people must really be longing for something goofy and strange.  So, I made 30 silly animals out of paper scraps.  I took a picture of each animal with my trusty Canon 50D camera.  Then I wrote the name of each animal on the photograph by using the “love of my life” . . . Picasa. (Free download on the internet) I printed out two copies of each animal, laminated them and put them in a plastic container with a lid. Even grown-ups like matching games.  Sometimes they even win.  But not often.
The rules are always the same.
  • Turn over all of the cards so the animals are hiding
  • When it is your turn, turn over two cards
  • If you turned over 2 cards which were the same you get to keep them in your pile
  • If your 2 cards don’t match . . . too bad.  turn them over and wait for your next turn
  • The person with the most “matches” wins

If people get gooey while they are playing the game . . . because they are eating snacks, it doesn’t matter.  The cards wipe clean.

“What’s in a name?”

“STELLA………!” (the starfish)

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