Noah's Ark Mobile

“Imagination is the highest kite anyone can fly.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

This is my Noah’s Ark mobile. I made it from paper shapes of animals which I covered with printed card stock paper.  I made the ears and tails for dimension. I added plastic animal beads and hung the animals by fishing line (which is plentiful at my house) and suspended the mobile from a crochet loom attached to  a small eye hook. The ark was the most fun to make. I made my own pattern.  I covered the lightweight chip board with paper and made a pattern for the giraffes.  I lashed the giraffes to the ark with narrow brown twine and bent the bottoms of their necks to help them stick out. I sprayed the whole thing with triple thick gloss glaze. Every time the air moves in the playroom . . . the ark and its cargo sails away. Oh, yes. . . I added a little, white dove with an olive branch in her mouth.  She is the sign of hope.

“God is in his heaven, all’s right with the world.”

-Robert Browning-

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