Grandpa's Playroom Furniture

“The best way to make children good –

is to make them happy !”

-Oscar Wilde-

journal entry:

This piece of furniture certainly made grandma happy! I drew a picture for grandpa. I wanted something large enough for everything at eye level that would make toys easy to get out and easy to put away. Grandpa built it.  I just love it ! Little children can see toy bins at eye level . . . even bitsy children.  I put a vinyl adhesive pocket on the front of each bin.  Then I took a picture of the contents of each bin and slipped them into the vinyl pockets.  There is both a picture and a description on each bin.  Some children can’t yet read, and other LIKE to read.  Grandpa built it in the garage and had help from Afton’s daddy getting it into the playroom.  It is almost the length of one wall . . . 12 feet.  The bins came from Target.  I loved their size and brightness.  I bought them first, so Grandpa made certain that the furniture would have room for the bins to slide in and out.  I put the heaviest bins on the bottom.  There is no question that I am a”lucky ducky” and so are my grandchildren !

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