Swimming Cover-Up for Kids

“Don’t wear it if it itches.”

-Advice from a child-

journal entry:

Whatever covers a busy child must be fast to put on and easy to get off.  I loved this little hand towel  which jumped out at me  from a clearance table.  I cut a hole for the neck and a slit from the neck to the bottom of the back of the towel.   I finished the cut edge with bias tape and  added velcro to hold the back together. I gathered the shoulders with bright ribbon.  It can be many things. It can provide warmth over a wet swimming suit and protection from the sun.  It can make it easier to eat an ice cream cone outside . . . in the heat.  It really only took about 15 minutes to make.  And, today, it was  just my kind of quick and easy project.  Total cost $3.00.

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