Cover Your Camera Strap

“If there’s nothing wrong with me . . .

maybe there’s something wrong with the universe.”

Dr. Beverly Crusher – Star Trek

journal entry:

There was something wrong with me. My neck was sore. My camera strap was eating it. I looked on the internet and found that people made covers for their camera straps. I made my own pattern and cut 2 pieces of fabric each 3 inches by 22 inches. I fused lightweight lining on one piece and sewed on my own sewing label. I choose a “funky stuff “label for this one.  I sewed right sides together and turned it inside out.  I ironed, ironed, ironed.  Everything looks better if it has been carefully ironed.  I took one side of the camera strap off.  I slid the cover on. aahhhhh. that felt so much better !  I made them for everyone I knew had whined about camera straps digging into their necks.  My daughters wanted even softer covers.  So, I found cream and green tiger-looking fluffy fabric for the top and satin giraffe fabric for the bottom. Their strap covers feel wonderful on their necks and little people stare right at  the camera just to see if mommy has a real animal around her neck !   So, so easy and fun to make.

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