Sunday Aprons

“Be content to remember

that those who can make an omelet  properly

can do nothing else.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

What is it about Sunday Aprons that makes a woman’s heart go pitter patter  and give a little flutter ?It must be a longing to be a lady.  Being a lady is a trick in this world today, at least as I remember what it is to be a lady.  It isn’t held in high regard it seems.  Many people I have met lately . . . with an interest in aprons, have wanted one of these very feminine, completely impractical aprons.  Impractical because they are designed to be pretty but one hopes to never spill on one. A daughter tells a sister and then a grandma remembers them from her childhood and wants one. So I make them. Mothers picture their daughters in these aprons . . . and remember their own youth when to be pretty and feminine was to be highly valued. I  love to mix and match the colors, fabric, textures, trims, ribbons and flowers. I love to make each apron unique . . . as unique as the woman who will wear it.  Even little Afton sensed something special about her mother’s “Sunday Apron” and wanted it tied around her little body which left it dragging on the floor. Fabrics with shimmers and shines, reflections and softness,  beads and pearls and a different fabric label for each apron. These aprons make people want to have tea parties right in the middle of the week.

“Methinks it is a token

of healthy and gentle characteristics,

when women of high thoughts and accomplishments

love to sew,

especially as they are never more at home

with their own hearts

than while so occupied.”

-Nathaniel Hawthorne from The Marble Faun 1859-

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