My Fancy Clothes Matching Game

“I don’t have enough bracelets . . .

I don’t have enough bracelets.

Who has my bracelets !

I can’t live without my bracelets !”

-Miss Piggy-

journal entry:

Girls can be a little piggies about their fancy things.   They have to share their fancy things with their sisters but mommy doesn’t have to share her fancy things with anyone.  Maybe the little girls in my life will just have to be content with pictures of fancy things for now.  This is a Fancy Clothes Matching Game for Girls.  I made lots of fancy clothes and fancy accessories out of paper scraps.  I wrote on each picture using Picasa, printed out two of each, laminated them and typed up the rules of the game.  I put the cards into a plastic box which left me feeling  very fancy.  If a little princess turned wanna-be “fancy piggy” can’t have fancy things in real life . . . she can at least pretend by matching bracelets, high heels, dancing clothes, dresses, gloves and hats. Haven’t I heard  that she who has the most clothes wins?  Oink. Oink. Oink.

“Before beginning a hunt,

it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for

before you begin looking for it.”


“Just tutu cute.”


“Ask thy purse what thou should’st spend.”

-Scottish Proverb-

“The finest clothing is a person’s skin,

but, of course,

society demands something more than this.”

-Mark Twain-

“Shoes can make all the difference.”


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