Robots are People Too . . . Sort of !

“If somebody thinks they’re a hedgehog,

presumably you just give them a mirror

and a few pictures of hedgehogs

and tell them to sort it out for themselves.”

-author unknown-

journal entry:

I think that it is okay to think you are a robot.  Or that a robot is alive.  I think it is okay to have robots for your friends . . . especially if you made the robots yourself.  It didn’t take long to collect the cans.  Large and small, tuna cans and large juice cans.  Prospecting for the other things was a bit more tricky but MUCH more fun.  Grandpa scrounged through his tool box, his bins full of nuts and bolts and every nook and cranny of his work bench and found noses and ears and eyes and hands and legs and feet and hats.  I bought heavy duty magnets.  Together, we glued the magnets onto everything.  Then the fun started.  We made robots from Mars and some from Saturn.  We made teeny tiny robots and huge, scary robots.  We practiced and practiced and laughed and said, “Wow . . . look at this one.”

I put the cans in one large, blue playroom bin.  I put the other “body parts” in another blue playroom bin.  I took a picture or two of  robots we had brought to life and slipped the pictures into a vinyl pocket on the front of each bin. YES.  They were ready for the grandchildren.

You should have seen the FUN.  You wouldn’t have believed what those little people came up with.  It didn’t stop there.  The grown-ups wanted in. “Look at mine,”  the grown-ups called to the children. Everyone said WOW !

“You can’t depend on your eyes

if your imagination is out of focus.”

-Mark Twain-

This idea from Family Fun Magazine !

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