Easy Sock Puppets

“It is remarkable how overnight,

a quiet mature lady can learn to sit cross-legged on the floor

and play a tin drum, quack like a duck,

sing all the verses of This Old Man, make paper flowers,

draw pigs and sew sock puppets

who can talk with funny voices . . . “

-author unknown-

(I added the sock puppets part)

journal entry:

It’s true.  Some of the most remarkable words in any language are “Grandma, I didn’t know that you could do that” !  Chances are, I didn’t know that I could do that either.  My children are a little less diplomatic.  Their line is “mom, I remember when you used to do that”.  I can actually remember how to do many things and can do some new things.  I made a menagerie of sock puppets for my grandchildren to play with.  I had such fun finding strange and colorful socks.  Close-out socks were the best but “single” socks . . . forever alone after losing a mate in the dryer . . . make great sock puppets too.  “Lost” socks are also very grateful to have a usefulness again.  These puppets are truly unique and each has a name.  I loved hunting for their eyes and noses in my button jar and styling their hair from my stash of yarn.  I loved adding bells and ribbons and bows to their hair.  I knew there was a “tiny tale” in this family of sock puppets.  So, I assembled the puppets and asked them what they thought.  Together we wrote a sweet and touching story of  A Wonderful Christmas Gift.  The finished book is in my journal under Tiny Tales.  I put the puppets to sleep for the winter and told them not to worry.  I would get them out again so that little hands could poke them and run around the room with them and their funny voices  could bring delight to a new crop of little people.

“Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?”

-Author Unknown-

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