Recipe Boxes, Dividers and Cards

“Ideas won’t keep:  something must be done about them.”

-Alfred Whitehead-

journal entry:
I have granddaughters who are just learning to cook.  Their first pick is the recipe with 25 ingredients and 17 steps.  One is going to be a Chef when she grows up.  Okay. Good.  Time for a recipe box.
Each box is made from a CD box which is taller and squishier than most boxes.  The dividers are made out of card stock, topped with a card stock tab and laminated.  I made a master for the recipe cards using tiny scrap aprons.  I copied the recipe cards onto card stock and cut them out.  Almost anything looks better with a ribbon tied around it.  Now, the budding Chefs can copy recipes onto their own recipe cards.  Maybe if they copy 25 ingredient recipes enough times, they will develop a sharp eye for the recipes with 3 ingredients.  Okay . . . five ingredients including a spice I have.

“There are only ten minutes

in the life of a pear

when it is perfect to eat.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

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