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It was only days ago that our winter drive included the sighting of a beautiful horse-drawn hearse pulled by matching black horses. You may find that account as a recent post on this blog if you are interested.

The same sentiments which I expressed in that post apply to this one. They include the fact that “the world is wide” and that unexpected things can happen.

You have to keep your eyes wide open.

Yesterday we could see the snow clouds filling the mouth of the canyon. Where we live now, American Fork Canyon is very near and we have grown to love it. It is a narrow and spectacular canyon, connecting to The Alpine Loop, Tibblefork Reservoir, Timpanogos Cave and countless trails for hiking and biking.

It was only raining as we entered the canyon and we were forced to stop just yards past the ranger station because of the presence of a majestic, mountain Ram.  He appeared to be licking the salt from the edges of the road. We have seen the mountain sheep before but never this close. He was stocky and strong. He showed no fear of people or of his proximity to the road. We sat and watched him with our windows down for a time before driving further into the canyon.

By the time we reached the Timpanogos Cave Visitor’s Center the snow flakes were falling By the time we reached beautiful Tibblefork Reservoir there was an inch or more of snow on the ground and it was coming down fast and heavy.

When we got there, this is what we saw.

One person had ventured onto the ice.

The scene was magical.

The snow was thick and light.

Mt. Timpanogos stretched into the clouds in front of us.

It was our favorite kind of storm and we love storms.

I am reminded that the earth is wide and the scenery is breathtaking.

Magical things happen quite unexpectedly.


( Several people passed us as we watched the beautiful Ram and didn’t slow to see what was occupying our attention. Upon our return down the canyon, the Ram was still on the side of the road and just above him on the hillside were a doe and two little kids.)

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