Leggings Like Magic



It was true . . .


The leggings were so easy and so fast. I found many blogs with directions and patterns and pictures. I like pictures. Each one told me exactly how to make the pattern and cut the fabric and sew the leggings. When I was finished . . . well, I was so excited because it was true. They were easy and fast and inexpensive and comfortable and had just two pattern pieces!

I used my $10 Kohl’s Cash to buy these darling t-shirts. The pink and the white are sleeveless and the blue has little sleeves. Each one is LONG so that they cover the little you-know-what.  The shoes came from prowling around at Ross.

I wondered which outfit Afton would put on first? Do you have a guess? She chose the blue shirt and the leggings with little birds. The sandals went right on her pretty feet.

I asked her how everything felt and she said “fine”. Her mother said “fine”. I said “great”. Then I followed Afton to the playroom as she directed her mother to “go run an errand.” I have found that grandchildren like their parents to “go somewhere” when they come to play. I guess they can get me to do things their parents won’t do. Like eat chips before lunch.





 “If you like things easy . . . you will fail. If you like things difficult . . . you will succeed.”

-Laotion Proverb-

(Obviously this person has never experienced the thrill of making easy leggings)


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