Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Bracelets

“Let us not be too particular.

It is better to have old second-hand diamonds

than none at all.”

-Mark Twain-

journal entry:

I have never actually met any queens or princesses except, of course, my own granddaughters.  They love royal clothing.  They love beautiful bracelets and necklaces and rings and headbands.  They love balls and dancing gowns.  They love to do each other’s hair and nails.  They love to discuss the proper accessory for each gown and they are VERY particular.  I loved this photograph . . . taken from afar with a telephoto lens. Older princesses know the finer points of choosing just the right bracelet for a special occasion.  Little princesses listen but don’t always agree.  They just say no and wear what they want to.  I have asked these princesses many questions about etiquette and they always have an answer for me.  It is so helpful !

“Blessed are they

who can give without remembering

and take without forgetting.”

-Author Unknown-

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