Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall;

who’s the fairest of them all?”

-Snow White-

journal entry:

Grandpa and I bought this Snow White dress for Clara’s 4th birthday.  If there was ever a perfect Snow White . . . it was Clara.  She put it on immediately, wore it all day, wore it through her birthday party, wore it until bedtime and put it on again in the morning.  She would have slept in it . . . but, well, you know.  As her birthday progressed her little friends came.  Before the day was over, she had mirrors and necklaces, lip gloss and bracelets.  When she is grown, and has little daughters of her own, she can tell them the story of Snow White and use her very own pictures because I took the time to tell the story through my eyes.

” My dear young lady,

there was a great deal of truth, I dare say,

in what you said,

and you looked very pretty while you said it,

which is much more important.”

-Oscar Wilde-

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