Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Nose

” A nose that can see is worth two that can sniff.”

-Santa Claus-

journal entry:

Okay, where is my nose?  Everyone was asking that.  I thought that I had plenty of extra noses but one child would leave his nose in the bathroom and another would leave his in the fridge.  It was kind of a ‘nose round-up’ for a while.  Then there were the reindeer horns.  Some fit and some didn’t.  Some bent forward and some slid off.  At least they were all the same so that grown-ups could trick kids by saying that they had found their horns.  Then there were the horns.  Not the reindeer horns but the noisy horns. What was I thinking ? They never left their mouths. They didn’t even hold them with their fingers.  They just bit down hard and blew and blew and blew.  But, it was heaven for kids.  Funny noses that lit up when you pulled on them, horns that you could bump together and have fights and loud, obnoxious musical horns, if you could call them that, which Grandma, herself, had bought. How  could she complain?  The fun went on through the singing of Christmas Carols and through the dancing of reindeer and through the dessert.  Some kids took their “parts” home with them and some left them behind.  I gathered them up for next Christmas and put them high on a shelf lest they remember and ask to be reindeer in the middle of the summer.

Oh, and did I mention the bells for tails?

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