Teeny Tiny Babies

” I don’t believe that you have to be a cow

to know what milk is.”

-Ann Landers-

journal entry:

Nor do you have to be a real mommy to take care of teeny, tiny babies.  These little ones fit inside of a 3×3 box with a lid.  It looks like an old trunk.  Their nice Grandma put a teeny tiny piece of soft chenille on the bottom and glued it in.  Then she made a little flannel pouch for the babies with two pockets since they are twins and need to sleep together.  That’s what I have been told about twins.  These babies know what milk is and they have never seen a cow.  See their little bottles waiting to be filled?  The inside of the lid tells the little mommy that her Grandma made this little treasure for her.  Teeny, tiny fingers can play with teeny, tiny babies, drinking teeny, tiny bottles.  When it is bedtime, the little mommy can tuck them into bed and close the lid.

“Waaaaaaaaaa !”  A baby’s word for ‘milk’. “

“Life is so much easier with two.”

-Winnie the Pooh-

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