Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Pumpkins

“I can’t wait until I’m grown up

and I can do anything I want

and not have anything to worry about.”

-Bil Keane-The Family Circus-

journal entry:

It wouldn’t be as fun to harvest the pumpkins without the help of children.  They scream at every size, shape and color and each one is “the best” until the next one is found under the big, elephant ears which are really leaves.  I treasure photographs like this one.  It freezes a child in time with the colors and fruits of autumn.   He is eating an apple which he picked himself and is posing by the wheelbarrow as if it was a trophy.  Through the eyes of children everything is right with the world.  Plenty of sunshine, plenty to eat, jobs to do and a Grandpa who lets you hold the “pumpkin knife” by yourself.  Looks like Holden has found his treasure !

“We can only be alive in those moments

when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”

-Thornton Wilder-

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