Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Scissors

” When you’re pretty sure

that an adventure is going to happen,

brush the honey off your nose

and spruce yourself up as best you can,

so as to look ready for anything.”


journal entry:

Well, I’d say that George looks ready for anything.  He decided that the scissors were much more fun inside of his overall pocket than they were just sitting on the table cutting things.  They are round scissors . . . the kind that grandmas buy for their little grandchildren so no one is much worried about George. He could actually walk around the house with the scissors in his pocket and no one would take them away from him.  Not even me.  I have become so sneaky about taking photographs that he doesn’t even know I am doing it.  Photographs like these are my favorites.  They capture ordinary people doing ordinary things that in retrospect are extraordinary, if you know what I mean.

“Lookin’ sharp George !”


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