A Proper Pincushion

“A stitch in time saves nine.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

journal entry:

Oh, this was fun to make.  It is a teeny tiny pincushion made inside of a teeny tiny trunk.  I simply sewed two 3×3 squares of soft, textured fabric together, right sides together and left a little opening on one side.  I turned the little square inside out and filled it with poly pellets.  Then I stitched it closed by hand.  I pushed it into the teeny tiny trunk until it was all squished in and added pins from my pin jar.  Inside of the lid I glued a personalized label which reads:  “Little Things” with my name.  The teeny tiny pincushion fits just fine inside of my sewing box.  Little things like this remind me of my grandmother, and her grandmother and the women of their generations . . .

“Sweet is the memory of past troubles.”


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