Worry Free Butterflies

“Just living is not enough”, said the butterfly.

“One must have sunshine, freedom

and a little flower.”

-Hans Christian Anderson-

journal entry:

It really doesn’t take much to prod the imagination of a child.  Not a minute had passed before the little girls had given the butterflies names and were trading colors.  The soap holders were green, yellow and pink the day I bought them.  I knew that the pink was out for the little boys . . . but hoped they would be persuaded that the sun is yellow and the grass is green and therefore those two colors are for girls AND boys.  When the children tire of the game, they can simply close the lid and everything stays right where it belongs.  I tried telling them that the butterflies were tired and were going to have a rest.  That was my lead in to “and now is a good time for you to have a rest to so that you will be ready to play again when they wake up”.   Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but it is always worth a try !

” I only ask to be free.  The butterflies are free.”

-Charles Dickens-

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