Little Birdie Nest in a Soap Holder

I once knew all the birds that came

and nested in our orchard trees,

For every flower I had a name . . .

my friends were woodchucks, toads and bees;

I knew what thrived in yonder glen,

what plants would soothe a stone-bruised toe,

Oh, I was very learned then, but that was very long ago.

Eugene Field

journal entry:

Little children love little things.  I wanted to give my little granddaughters some teeny tiny birds to touch and care for. So, I bought yellow and green soap holders for one dollar each.  I found birds and butterflies at the craft store. I sprayed the inside with adhesive and pressed soft moss inside of each.I love the scene from Kipper the Dog when his friend Tiger says ‘soft moss’, over and over again. I  gently placed the birds and butterflies in their new homes. If I remember anything about little people, I think that little hands will entertain themselves quite well with these little birdies. What do you think?

“A child can ask a question

that a wise man cannot answer.”

-Author Unknown-

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