Little Skirts & Ruffled Shirts


Family Group Photographs . . . otherwise known as “herding cats”.

Considered one of life’s most stressful events. Ask anyone.

Anyone who has tried to get a large group together knows what I mean.

Our family group for the day included twenty-two people. Twelve grandchildren.


I prowled the Internet for clothing ideas that were tasteful (no bold prints or t-shirts with words), inexpensive (meaning something everyone already had) and comfortable.(short of swimming suits) I settled on casual clothes for anyone who wanted to wear them in the colors of blue, tan, white and brown. I decided to make the photograph fun for three little girls I knew who anyone will tell you – love skirts.

The blues were very subtle and the little skirts a snap to make. I actually bought the fabric at Wal-Mart and made all three skirts for $10.

Next came the t-shirts. I bought $2.97 Hanes t-shirts at Wal-Mart and 1/2 yard of ruffle fabric from Hobby Lobby. I simply cut a rectangle the size of the front of each t-shirt and sewed it on by hand. I started in the middle of the neck and stretched it as I went along. It shaped itself perfectly to the front of the t-shirt.


Our backyard was the setting for our family photographs, which we took with my Canon 50D camera. We set it on a tri-pod and used the timer. It was REALLY fun !

 And, the price was right.

Shoes were optional and we pulled in the props as the little ones became more restless and started heading for the sandbox.



Just the granddaughters in this photograph.

(Not sure about the green feather but I can tell you that it is “all Clara”.)

So glad I took the time to think about what I wanted in the photographs that day.

“You can never take too many photographs of people you love.

That is how we write and preserve our family history.”


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