Maya’s Macaroni

Maya eats like a little wren.

This is a grandma testimonial to the power of unexpected, simple things.

After wondering how the little thing stays alive on the morsels she eats, I was shocked to find something she devoured like a wolf.

Velveta Macaroni Shells and Cheese.

Three minutes in the microwave.

When I asked her if she would like some and she said yes, I said “really?”, thinking she hadn’t heard me right.

But, she had.

So she found her favorite little bowl and after starting out with her gold princess spoon she quickly switched to the measuring spoons, which always seem like such a challenge to me and opened up her Christmas napkin to make a place-mat and after a short little blessing on the food, began to eat.

After the first bowl, she twisted the top and bottom off of an Oreo cookie but barely ate the green frosting.

Could she have another bowl of macaroni ?

In went bowl number two and out it came and into the little turquoise bowl.

Then, there was a third bowl and she was done.

She let out a sigh and with a little, impish smile,

patted her little, round tummy and said that she felt full.

Oh, how nice.

When her mother came to get her, I told her all about it.






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