More Dress-Ups and Photo Booth Fun 2018

Be anything you want to be.

These girls have their own version of the new Sonic girls. Oh, I love this background ! They were very attracted to it and used it in many shots.

In a world of mixing and matching prints and colors, there was no end to the fun, bright, happy combinations of background and clothing that were available with a little imagination. Clara lamented that she couldn’t think of a single place to wear these HUGE pearls in real life.

“Enjoy NOW,” said I.

Lydia as Super Hero. Right down to the leather gloves. Perfect.

Who would have thought

that a nice, red necklace could become a venomous snake?

Owen, the pirate, complete with earrings.

Some otherwise quiet cousins found their personalities leaping out of them in unexpected photographs. Afton’s outfits and backgrounds were as perfect as her wonderful, happy, smile.

Dress-ups are not complete without WIGS, as these two will attest.


This backdrop really made a statement.

Or, was it Lydia who made the statement?

It was a green ocean the day that Henry set sail for the Pirate Ship.

(Hobby Lobby close-out oars for $2.)

I sincerely hope that this plunger was from the scooter games,

if you know what I mean.

I have enough photographs of these wonderful grandchildren to entertain myself until the end of my days. I have enough to send a million to each of them.

It seemed like work at the time . . .

and as usual, I wondered what I had been thinking.

It is heaven to me now.



(all photos are my property as

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  1. Clara Watrous

    I love how you describe things and make them in to such and interesting story. The photo booth is always a highlight of my yearly Utah trips. Thank you so much for doing it!

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