Another Sunday Apron

“The years teach much which the days never knew.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

journal entry:

Here is another “Sunday Apron” for another unique personality.  It is very feminine.  The  fabric will shine, shimmer and rustle as she moves.  I made pleats at the top and scallops at the bottom.  I gathered the scallops upward and added a crystal bead to secure each gather.  Every apron has a different flower.  This apron has a poppy and lilac wrapped with brown floral tape and finished with lots of fluffy things.  A gold safety pin attaches the flower from the back of the apron so that it can be removed when the apron needs to be cleaned.  Practical is very overrated. This apron is anything but practical.  It is lovely and feminine.  I am sure that the woman who wears it will be inspired to have a very nice tea party !

p.s.     As always, the apron is finished with one of my handmade fabric labels.

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