Making Sunday Aprons

“The world if so full of a number of things,

I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings !”

Robert Louis Stevenson

journal entry:

I love to make “Sunday Aprons”.  I love mixing and matching the fabrics.  I love finding just the right trim, or lace, or flower.  I love to picture a woman wearing her apron . . . feeling quite pretty and feminine.  In times gone by, women had many aprons.  They had aprons for cleaning and aprons for cooking.  They had aprons for entertaining and aprons for hanging out the wash so that clothespins could be carried in big pockets.  Every apron has a personality as does each woman who wears one.  No matter that they are quite impractical and have to be washed very carefully.  A “Sunday Apron” is an expression of something special . . . something very feminine.

p.s.     I love making the flowers for the aprons.  I added extra leaves to this one and wrapped the stem in brown floral tape. I attached the flower from the back of the apron with a large gold safety pin so that it could be removed when it was time to wash the apron, which must be washed very carefully. I added some white hearts for some extra elegance.  I sewed in the pleats and then ironed them to a crisp line.  How could a woman feel anything but pretty in a “Sunday Apron” like this ?

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