Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Apple

“What good mothers and fathers

instinctively feel like doing for their babies

is usually best after all.”

-Dr. Benjamin Spock-

journal entry:

The apples were small this year.  It was a blessing.  Grandpa put them in buckets and kept them on a cold cement floor.  Little people soon learned exactly where they were and that they could actually have as many as they wanted without asking.  Many times the shout was heard as the door slammed:  “I’m getting an apple . . . I’m getting an apple.”  Sometimes the children run in the front door and out of the door into the garage without stopping in the house in the middle of it all. Afton loves apples.  She loves them even more when she chooses one herself.   She lets me take a quick look so that she doesn’t bite a worm.   That would be yucky.  Little tiny apples for little tiny people.  Sounds like a plan to me !

“When the apple is ripe it will fall.”

-Irish Proverb-