Mortality: Here and Gone

That is the problem with moments.
If they were minutes or hours or days it would be easier to fill them up with things to remember.
If a moment lasted longer you could gather your wits about you
and have some warning that the moment would matter
because you could see it unfolding
and you could hold the corners down.
But we all know that moments are tiny things.
In fact, no one knows exactly how long a moment lasts.
Here and gone before you can think a thought
or reach for your camera.


Oh, Millie Rose.
What a sweetheart.
Most of the time, when she is out of her own home,
she is quiet.
Quiet and observant.
She prefers her mother or father or a sibling
but more and more she is willing to come to Grandma
and when she does, I stretch the moment to a longer moment
or even to a minute if I can.
Millie’s mother actually took the camera from around my neck
and gave this moment to me as a gift.


Who knows what color her eyes might be ?
Sometimes they look black and then brown
and even dark blue or green
Her hair is looking more and more curly like
her sister Oli’s hair.
If you can get her to smile,
she will show you three new teeth:
one on the top and two on the bottom.
Today, she took my finger
and walked me into the playroom,
leaving Mommy behind in the kitchen.
That was a first.


The hands belong to Grandpa and he had a “moment “, too.
He reached out and she laughed and reached back.
She did so with a smile before tucking her little head
into her mother’s neck.
Millie is one.
She is either “just one” or “already one”
depending on how you view life’s moments
as either fast or slow.
For me they are faster and faster.
I don’t know if my life is full of moments, minutes, hours, days or years.
That is why I have to pay attention to the smallest of things.



  1. beth larson

    I’m just finding the time to peek at your blog after oh so long and my goodness it’s a wonder! The layout and design and content… I’ll be back!! xox beth @brownsparrowstudio

  2. Sandra

    Hi, Beth. When I was going through my blog posts I found the comment you left with me 9 years ago. At that time I was only a year into my blog and have learned so much since then about what I will want to record and remember when I am really old, since age is creeping up on me and I am 72. I am so glad that I did since I found the photos you took of your sweet little grandson and understood your comments about loving these little people so much that it hurt. As for the images I use on my blog, because it is not monetized and I do not benefit commercially from it, I can use images from anywhere. I prowl the internet, usually Pinterest, and save images I think might work on my blog with a simple right click. They all go into one folder and when I want something for a post, I look through them and upload one or more to the media library on my blog. I use a WordPress theme and format for my blog. My son helped me to set it up in the beginning but I have become familiar with it and love it. I loved learning about you from your blog and hope that you continue to have such a wonderful life, full of creativity and family. Keep in touch !
    Love, Sandy

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