Painting ROCKS

Family Gathering 2019


Our neighbors have lots of rocks.

They have poured them in every spot where they don’t want to have grass. All along the parking strip are rocks. Piles, in fact. I asked Clara and Lydia to sneak out in the dead of night, with a silver bucket, to the rock pile to find the very best rocks for our painting activity. Actually, that is what I thought of doing but it worked out just fine in the middle of the day.

They returned with some beauties.

Rock Painting is filler. That means that it is one of several activities which I have planned for those moments when everyone is tired and wants to sit around the table and be cool and munch.

The book you see came from It had easy-to-follow ideas for all shapes and sizes of rocks. Most of our rocks could fit in the palm of a child’s hand. I also bought one box of paint markers, some little plastic paint trays and brushes. I used my little bottles of craft paint to fill the paint trays.

Other supplies included wet wipes, paper plates and a tablecloth.

rock: (n)     something hard that you stumble over.

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