Desk Calendar

” Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow

It’s only a day away.


journal entry:

I can only imagine a time when people didn’t worry about a calendar.  Farmers planted and harvested according to an almanac and often wrote down a thing or two that they needed to remember.  They didn’t face a paper page completely covered with things to do and places to go. . . with notes and lines and arrows pointing to the next day and some days spilling completely out of their box.

I have always loved calendars. I don’t love the numbers. I love  the illustrations.  That is how I choose my calendar each year.  It hangs in the kitchen . . . by the phone.  Some years I like folksy and some years I like the art of the masters.  I like cooking calendars and illustrations about kids.  I like desk calendars, poster calendars, pocket calendars, purse calendars and every other kind of calendar including perpetual calendars and calendars made by rotating little blocks.  I love advent calendars and planting calendars and this year I loved my own handmade calendar.

Each month is illustrated by a different picture using paper scraps.  Once I made each master page, I had high quality color copies made and slipped the 12 pages into a cellophane bag.  I folded the cellophane over and closed the bag with a seal.  I only made 10 and gave them as Christmas gifts to a few of my favorite people.

“If you want to make something more hummy, add a few more “tiddely poms”.


p.s.     I don’t know what ” tiddely poms” are but I think my calendar is kind of “hummy”.

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