Patriotic Bunting


It would appear that this is called a bunting. When I think of the word bunting I think of  the nursery rhyme  Bye Baby Bunting which means that bunting has other meanings like bunting the ball in baseball. That said, I wanted to give a bunting a try.

I bought my fabric at Home Fabrics which is a bolt-end store.  These are upholstery fabrics. I made a pattern and cut two of each piece. I pinned each piece right sides together and sewed around the edges. I left the top open. I zig-zagged the seams and turned the pieces right-side-out.  I carefully ironed each one so that they looked nice and uniform.

Then, I spread them out and stacked them up in the order I wanted to sew them together. I bought double-thick double- fold bias tape and pushed each piece into the folded tape and sewed merrily along. I left a piece of tape at each end so that I could attach the bunting to things. The total cost was about $10 because the upholstery fabrics were SO wide. I was able to cut many pieces out of one third yard of each fabric. These were the $3 fabrics so you can see that one third of a yard was only a dollar.

This was a project I really enjoyed.


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