Photo Stories: The Culture of Our Homes

Every HOME has it’s own personality.

Each is shaped by the combined personalities of the Father and Mother and later by the contributions made by the children.

Everyone who has ever had a child knows that children come to earth with a bundle of characteristics for which parents can take no credit at all.

Good or Bad.

Nevertheless, people are taught and polished in their homes and that is where girls learn to be women and boys to be men.

And, that is where they learn to do most other good and worthwhile things.

Today is Thanksgiving.

Lydia is making the recipe she likes most to make for celebrations which is Green Bean and Mushroom Casserole. Most people would have used canned green beans and Campbells’ Cream of Mushroom Soup but everything Lydia did was from scratch, including the mushroom soup that held the bean casserole together. That is what I mean about the culture of a home making “people”.

The “props” are generally accidental in any photograph unless you purposely set them up. I like finding that they are in my photographs without any effort on my part by virtue of natural things I am watching.

In this case the accidental props are measuring spoons, shiny bowls, a mixer and a mother who appears to be in the background. Being in the background does not mean that she is finished with her work of teaching children to cook but she has confidence. . . which, she, herself has instilled in her children.

That is what I mean about homes having their own cultures and that is why I love photo stories which can be told in one or two simple photographs on Thanksgiving morning.

Priceless are the photographs of good things which don’t just happen in good homes. Good parents purposely create the culture they want to have in their homes.


(just waiting for dinner)

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