Photo Stories: Why In The World ?

Mortal Life Comes Once

I love photos stories as a way to preserve Family History and the answer to the question posed in the title is “because we have one shot at the World and it is now”. (By that I mean living here as mortals.) That is why I am fascinated with what we do in this life and determined to record those moments that might bring joy to generations of my family as time moves along.

I love photos you can hold in your hands because I am a product of an earlier time but I realize that viewing photos using technology will increase as time passes.

Nevertheless, there is seldom only one way to do something.

I love photos which tempt the telling of a longer story or surmise what is happening or persuade those in the photograph to elaborate on what we thought we saw through the lens.

Without my camera I might not have seen the toes of Owen’s shoes and I am certain there is a story in there somewhere.

I happen to know that in this particular desert gulch you can take home barrels of iron pyrite if you have good magnets. These people do and their backs are bent to the task like dedicated treasure hunters.

These photographs are just a few of those I took one particular lazy day while I was in mortality.

If you think there is a chance that you might want to tell a story that will live on in the years to come, take many photographs.

Stories, after all, usually UNFOLD.

The world is big when you are small.

There are many things I would like my family to remember from this particular day and one is that

I was there and I was watching.

(Make sure you identify every person in a photograph including when and where. If you don’t, no one will remember and if they do, they will see things differently.) 

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