Photo Stories: You Are The Storyteller

What is a girl to do?

That is what I want to know. Within a few seconds I took several funny photographs of one of my favorite people involved in something quite serious while in the background her cousins were rolling around and laughing about things she had no desire to understand.

I was astounded at her ability to concentrate

She will do well in life. She can block out distraction.

I did expect their pushing and teasing to knock her down and I wasn’t sure what would happen in that case but she appeared to be committed to figure out whatever she was figuring out and determined that nothing was going to keep her from her goal . . . not even a gaggle of silly boys.

I finally saw the magnifying glass move downward and an “ah-hah” look come over the pretty face and for all  I knew her discovery may have been life-changing if anyone had cared. It did not appear to me that anyone did except me.

She didn’t even know that I had been watching until the very end and that is an important point to remember. Casual secrecy and sneaking around are important things to learn how to do if you want to tell photo stories.

That is why I love my “magic lens” almost more than anything I own.

This was just one tiny moment in time but a nice one.

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