quiet cars for church

journal entry:

Getting little people through church has always been a challenge. The clunk of a hot wheels car on the floor is a distinctive and familiar sound. These little activites are for Andrew, Owen and George.  I ran across the fabric in blue and red. It is covered with little cars and roads leading everywhere. Perfect, I thought.

This is what I did:

  • Cut pieces of the road fabric into 12×12 squares.
  • Rounded the edges
  • Ironed a VERY light interfacing between the top fabric and a coordinating piece on the back.
  • Zig-zagged the edges nice and tight
  • Inserted two pieces of ribbon between the fabric pieces and zig-zagged them as I went along.
  • ( Each ribbon is about 14 inches long.)
  • Tied Hot Wheels cars to the ribbons.
  • (two per fabric square)

This project took only a few minutes.  It is easy to roll the cars up inside of the fabric and stick the roll into a diaper bag of a bag of any kind for that matter.


No more lost cars. No more cars clunking on the floor or grown-ups crawling under chairs and benches to retrieve them. No more “that’s my car” since the cars stay attached to the fabric roads. I’ll keep my fingers crossed !



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