Robot Memory Game




My computer asks me that question all of the time. I say “no”.

What would happen if I said “yes” ?

I could answer the question with a reference to my newest Robot Matching Game.

It is already in my suitcase for three little grandsons of different ages, interests and inclinations who live a  plane ride away.

I think we will have a lot of fun with this one !


Each card is 5×7

Each card is laminated.

There are two-each of 24 different robots.

They are big enough for everyone to see and easy enough for little fingers to pick up.



Some of the robots can be tricky to match. They are similar.

That is especially true of  the vintage-style robots. The made-from-junk robots are very different.

They are fun to see.


We’ll spread them out on the floor and take turns turning  the cards over.

When anyone turns over two that are the same . . . he or she can put them into a personal pile

and say YAY !

The person with the most matches WINS !


(You have to be a good rememberer.)



(I popped them in a bag and pulled the string.)







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