Robot Quiet Game



These little tins came from the thrift store. These little robots came from the Internet as did the images of outer space. The magnet sheets, on which all are mounted came from The little cogs and wheels came from my scrapbooking stash and the little magnets on the back of them came from the same place.

Of course you have to make up the story. You have to give the robots names and send them on errands and have them get lost in space and return to the tin again. I am not sure what kind of voices they have so you may give them any voice you want to.

Just don’t drop the tin on the floor if you are making up a robot story in church. Everyone will turn around to see who did it. I have never liked that.


Every robot is different. That is true in real life.

All robots are different because they are made from spare parts.

Did you know that?


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