Scooter and Plunger Races



I am a fool not to buy stock in Dollar Tree.

These stores have everything I need for fun and games. The grandchildren already knew about the scooters. They didn’t come from the dollar store. They said they had them in their classrooms. I bought plungers for $1 and sand toys in yellow and orange which looked like cones. Grandpa laid out a race course on the driveway and kids raced each other. (It helps to live in a quiet cul-de-sac)

There were only two rules:

 no standing on the scooter and no hitting or poking with the plungers.

Simple enough.


Yes, there were scrapes.

Yes, there were bumps.

Yes, some children won and some children lost.

Still, it was fun and the driveway was flat

and the cones just bumped away when they were hit.

There were no helmets or special precautions.

There was no “down-hill.”

No one cried.

No one truly crashed.

Everyone cheered and wanted another turn.

Some said it wasn’t fair. Grown-ups said:


Get up and try again.



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