Shhhhhhhh . . . Guardian Angels For Christmas.

“We trust in plumed procession

For such the angels go –

Rank after Rank, with even feet-

And uniforms of Snow.

-Emily Dickinson-

journal entry:

These angels are a secret.  No ordinary angels . . . they are specially-trained Guardian Angels.  Their job is to watch over.  Usually, children.  I know two, little girls who can use Guardian Angels.  They are always doing something.  Walking, riding, climbing, playing.  Guardian Angels sometimes catch you when you start to fall or hold you back when you try to cross the street at the wrong time.  We can’t see most angels, but Clara and Lydia can see these.   You might say that these angels are “pillow angels”.  When little girls go to bed at night, their angels remind them to say their prayers.  And, read their scriptures.  In the morning, Guardian Angels can wait on pillows until their little “charges” come home.

Guardian Angels need friends.  They need others to talk to.  So, I gave these angels little lambs as friends.  This lamb wants to grow up to be a Guardian Angel too.  And watch over animals.  Mostly lambs and sheep.  For now, he can be a friend and learn the ropes from a “real” Guardian Angel.”  Baaaaaaaa.

Guardian Angels wear their hearts right where you can see them.  They have embroidery floss hair and pretty while dresses with raised flowers.  They have silver trims and white baubles around their waists.  All sewed by hand.  Grandma’s hand.  Don’t tell.  Don’t tell !

“Insight is better than eyesight when it comes to seeing an angel.”

-Eileen Freeman-

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