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journal entry:

This activity was a hit at our recent family gathering. Brett is the King and the slack line belongs to him but there were many who were ready and almost able to knock him off his pedestal. ( or knock him off of his line ) You would have thought that this was serious stuff by the way some people practiced over a couple of days.

He picked the trees to span soft grass and kept the line low enough that children could take their turns without getting hurt. The adults were far more competitive than the kids and some of them were really good at it.  Brett made the rules, based on safety and fairness and everyone followed them. One person at a time. No pushing or poking from the sidelines. He also gave pointers and backed them up with his own skill. He can go all the way to the end, turn around and come back. Wow.




Rachel got pretty close to catching him. She looked more like a ballerina and less like a wiggle worm and never gave up. Each time she tried she got further and further down the line and did best when people who couldn’t walk one foot quit yelling advice her way.



Once a person gets away from the tree, he or she is in “no man’s land”. There is nothing to grab onto and the only thing to do is fall. It isn’t far and kids jump right up and get back on. Owen figured out some “feet positioning” tricks which took him quite far from the tree. Children are better at catching themselves if they start to fall.




It actually was quite funny to see the way everyone’s arms flailed around.

They were up and over and around and crossed behind.

Some were like butterflies, some birds, some like the signal flag holders at the races.

Most walked the walk with one arm high in the air. I didn’t try so I don’t know.

I suppose it is a lot like learning to ride a bike.



Yup. Rachel again. Different clothes. Different day

Look at those fingers. Just like the Olympics.

Her children look a little close, don’t you think?

Little faith from the child with the extended arms.

Ha, Ha.




It wasn’t long before the kids figured out that it was easier to balance with sideways feet.

 Most spread out their fingers and some bit their lips.

They cheered each other on and some were mad when they kept falling off.




Halfway there. Runner’s feet. I wonder if a runner’s toes can wrap around the line more easily.

Ask Daniel.



Practice and more practice.

Gradually the arms came down and out and the fingers relaxed.

She was absolutely determined.




Don’t try this at home.

After all, objects on the slack line are larger and stronger than they appear

and they appear pretty strong.



















Holden must be participating in the Free Program.

Isn’t that what the Olympics call something that is subject to a person’s own creativity?



Holden chose the perfect time for a “photo bomb”.

We will never know if Brett recovered his “precarious lean to the right” or if he got Afton safely to the end.


“No man can answer for his courage who has never been in battle.”

-J.F. Clarke-

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