Soothing Soaks or Sweet Sachets ?

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave,

find your eternity in each moment.”

-Henry David Thoreau-

journal entry:

Ahhhhhh . . . the smells.  I love smells.  Good smells that is.  Here is a aromatic, useful, pretty little gift to give to someone who is stressed, tired, ill, frustrated or even to someone who is just fine. The wonderful thing about this gift is that you or the recipient can decide what you want it to be.  It can be either a gift of bath soaks, or foot soaks or sachets for that drawer of “unmentionables”.

One bag of Epsom Salts will fill 24 3×4 organdy drawstring bags with three tablespoons of salts in each bag.  You can fill about 24 bags of this size from a 3 pound bag of salts with some left over.  The little organdy bags are usually in the wedding section at the craft store and come in many colors.  The little tiny flowers come in bunches and can be pulled apart and wrapped around the neck of the bag.

It is fun to decide how to display and give the gift.  I used pre-made treat boxes with see-through lids. They came from Michael’s Crafts.  I have seen other kinds in may stores.  They fit four bags perfectly.  An assortment might be four bags with different flowers . . . or four bags with the same flowers . . . or four bags with only one flower.  From the flower can be chosen the ribbon for the outside.  Or no ribbon at all.  How about a seal at the bottom of the box?  As individual favors at a shower these little bags of Lavender Epsom Salts send an incredible aroma around the room or into the outdoor air.  Carefully tucked inside of a drawer, they make everything smell wonderful !

“A drop of lavender on my pillow brings the sweetest of all dreams.”

-Author Unknown-

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