Still More Dress-Ups and Funky Stuff

After the photo booth experience,

I am afraid that there are several headless snakes

slithering around the yard.

Other snakes were likely shot right through with “plunger arrows”.

This young lady has never seen a dinosaur in person. Ouch.

I do love her “grandma kitchen smock”.

It makes her look so calm.

Just like the movies.

All the dinosaur needs is a good punch in the nose

or his back scratched.

Clara’s contrast is wonderful.

The heroine of the last Jurassic World movie was in heels and a pencil skirt

as she ran through the jungle and off of a cliff.

Let’s throw in her new birthday dress.

The world’s happiest child dresses up and up.

Ready for an undercover job as a beautiful spy ?

“The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.”

-Bret Harte-

Family Gathering 2018

“We were lucky to have so many dress-ups.”







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